If you're reading this you have probably never grown marijuana before and are wondering "How do I grow weed?"

Some people may learn best from a flow chart or checklist but as these already exist elsewhere online, this article aims to tackle the question from a more metatextual perspective. To know the answer we need to dig deeper into the question. Most first-time growers are not asking how to grow any plant but are specifically inquiring into the caveats of cultivating marijuana. Some concerns unique to cannabis include control over the smell, practical timelines, and realistic prediction of yields.

Some of these questions have complex answers. In order to understand them, one needs to dissect these questions into the numerous small questions that make them up. The best way to do this is to familiarise oneself with the terminology, techniques, and phenomena of cultivation. This is the impetus for the creation and continued revision of Cannawiki. Here you can learn about all aspects of the craft, bringing the relevant questions to light and making their answers obvious.

Key concepts and pages to begin

The distinct life stages of a cannabis plant

The ideal light intensity that should be provided.

The relationship between temperature and humidity

Plant training, the concept of using physical intervention to shape the plant. This is generally done in a way that increases yield.

Frequently asked questions

Other links

"The 9 cardinal parameters of cannabis growth" by Bruce Bugbee