• Provide up to date information on growing
  • Serve as a platform for scientific discussion as well as differing methodology
  • Be globally relevant
  • Create a sustainable resource


  • The article structure allows all topics to fit within a framework. This means new information can easily be added in a logical location and users can easily navigate the structure.
  • This structure of information means that a fact only appears in one place (Similar to 3NF in databases). This makes the wiki more consise, (less duplication) and easier to maintain (any changes are made in one location, less risk of conflicting information).
  • There are citations of any assertions made in articles. This allows the reader to dig deeper into an assertion if they wish.
  • The discussion tools on Cannawiki.net and the cannawiki discord provide a way to resolve a conflict between competing hypothesis.
  • Content creation is (more) decentralized due to the web2.0 nature of the platform. Anyone can read, anyone can write (content is moderated), the project is open-source.
  • The wiki supports virtually infinite contributors and revisions to content.


  • Prioritise keeping the number of articles to a minimum. This is to ensure articles are consise and fit within the logical framework
  • Topics will only be discussed in-depth in a single page. This is to keep the important information in a single location to make maintainance easier. When discussing closely related topics, links should be added to point to the main topic location. In cases where a topic overlaps many articles a new article may be created for the topic.